If you want to study at our university for one or two semesters please read the following information

You are an exchange student if you are nominated from a partner institution and study one or two semesters at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin. Your course credits are to be transferred back to the degree studied in your home country. You must meet the entry requirements for the courses you wish to take and enclose all required documents.

How to apply for STUDY period?

Fill in the application form for study with included language requirement form and accommodation form.

Paper form: print out, fill in and sent us by post mail.

Add the following documents:

  • a proposed Learning Agreement fo studies - Before mobility including courses from our current course offer (3 original copies accepted by home university)
  • transcript of records from issued by your home university
  • a copy of your passport/ ID
  • 3 photographs (3,5cm x 4,5cm), each photo signed with your name

You can choose courses from one faculty only!!!

The proposed Learning Agreement is necessary to process your application and confirm your acceptance by the hosting faculty. Applications without Learning Agreements will not be processed.

The proposed learning agreement should include courses offered by the hosting faculty for a given academic year.

Make sure to read the general entry requirement and possible specific entry requirements of the courses you would like to follow.


If you are interested in a internship at one of the University's units/faculties please send your inquiry to, shortly presenting what is your interest, what would you like to do, within what field of study. We will then forward your request to the competent faculty coordinator.

Placements are tailored individually according to a candidate's profile and expectations. It is important that before sumbitting complete application the proposed placement programme is agreed with the hosting faculty.

Once the placement programme is prepared you can submitt your application that icludes:

  • application form for placement along with language requirement form and reservationf for accommodation
  • a proposed Learning agreement for traineeship (Before mobility part) accepted by the home university and receiving faculty (3 original copies
  • trascript of records issued by home university
  • a copy of ID/passport
  • 3 photograps (35mm x 45mm), each photo signed with your name