Students guide

Especially for international candidates we have prepared a students guide, that has been designed to help you get around the University and the town. Please bear in mind that some of its content can get out of date quickly (e.g. estimated costs of living when prices go up), however, we do our best to update the internet pages regularly. If you have any questions or doubts concerning this guide, please send us an inquiry to email:



Guide for international students (format:  pdf, rozmiar:  120 MB)


The first days at the new University can be surprising, which is why we have prepared for you an information brochure on how to survive the first days at our University.


First days at WPUT (format:  pdf, rozmiar:  22 MB)


If want to know something about the town gof Szczecin, please get familiar with a special guide prepared by international students who had the chance to spent some time in our beautiful town.



Fall in love with Szczecin (format:  pdf, rozmiar:  10.72 MB)