Where can I check what are the restrictions in Poland regarding COVID-19?

National website on the coronavirus Info Covid-19

The following websites provide an overview at european level: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

How can I enter Poland to start my education?

Current information on the possibilities and rules of entry to Poland for citizens of the European Union and third countries is available on the Re-open EU website.

I want to know what the coronavirus symptoms are, where can I check it?

Learn more:;

I have a fever and a strong cough, I have a symptoms of is COVID-19 - what to do?

Contact the medical centre via phone and arrange consulation with general practitioner.

Information about medical centres for students is available at "health care/ medical insurance"

What I should know about self-quarantine?

Check here:

I have COVID-19 symptoms. What to do first?

If your symptoms are typical of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, sign up ( ) for the test  and quarantine until you receive your test result.

I consider going back to my home country because of situation with coronavirus, what to do?

If you considering returning home, your country for various reasons it`s probably mean the end of your Erasmus + stay at our university. Before leaving, please contact your home university and inform them about your desire. Determine if you are cancelled Erasmus or you are finishing the scholarships and you will apply for "force majeure". Inform us about your decision:

Is it possible to go back home and continue studying online?

Each student's departure is considered individually. Before you decide to leave, contact your home university and contact us:

The situation with coronavirus is hard for me, I'm afraid, what can I do?

Humanity hasn't dealt with an epidemic of that magnitude for more than a century. In this tragic event, a group of psychologists and psychotherapists decided to offer their assistance at no cost to counter the harmful effects of the pandemic. Learn more: Free of charge, professional psychological help in connection with the coronavirus epidemic in Poland. Find a English-speaking therapist:

I need support, who should I contact?

International Mobility Office is ready to assist you with any questions and worries you may have. Contact us via e-mail or phone: +48 91 449 4205.