sports activities



Basically, at WPUT there is a Center of Physical Education and Sport which manages a sport hall and other sport facilities (

Moreover, there is a sport club at WPUT – an Academic Sports Club (in polish: Akademicki Klub Sportowy – AZS) which has sections in many sport areas (

However, there are some specific conditions under which you could attend the sport classes or use the facilities. Both organizations have only a Polish language websites and Polish speaking administration, therefore it is advisable to be assisted by your buddy or some other Polish speaking friend.

There are 5 options you can consider:

1) You can include a selected sport course into your Learning Agreement. In that case, you do not have to pay any fee for attending a sport classes. Remember, that you must consult this procedure with your Faculty Coordinator who accepts your Learning Agreement.

2) You are invited to take participation in the Programme called „UCZELNIA WOLNA OD UZALEŻNIEŃ” („Academy free from addictions”). In the frame of the programme, you can attend the sport courses for free. Please, find the schedule below:

MONDAY – 16.15 – SECTOR I (CENTRAL SPORT HALL – Tenisowa Street no 33)



The name of this sport courses is „PROFILAKTYKA” („Prevention”)

If it is possible, please come for first time with your buddy who can help you.

3) Erasmus Students Network, an organization working in Szczecin for all foreign students from the city, organize common events and meetings at the sport facilities. In that case, please contact a ESN Coordinator: Mr Kamil ODZIMKOWSKI, who is responsible for sport matters for

foreign students. He has been informed about your potential interest in the matter.


Please, note: using this opportunity requires a fee. You will be asked to collect, as a group, a small amount of money to attend a sport activity. For detailed information contact Mr Odzimowski. This opportunity allows you to take the advantage of being together with other Erasmus Students in Szczecin.

Moreover, you just have assistance in a person of ESN Coordinator who knows the circumstances and speaks Polish.

4) You have an opportunity to join one or some of AZS sections (Academic Sport Club sections). 

To do it you need to:

a. Sign up for selected section

b. Pay a fee

c. Apply for a membership of AZS

In previous years there were a lot of foreign students who joined AZS and had some successful results in individual or group sport competitions, representing WPUT. Receiving AZS membership you have a free access to some WPUT sport facilities, for example to the gym.

5) Last but not least - if you have your own idea of spending time actively, just arrange a group and let me know – I could help you to organize an access to the sport hall.