COVID-19 in Poland

While planning travel to Poland, please check the website reopen Europe for current important information concerning entering Poland. 

Currently in Poland there is COVID-19 REGIONALISATION - depending on the number of reported infections, districts in Poland are "green", "yellow" or "red".  In yellow and red districts where the increase in the number of new infections is larger than in other areas of Poland more safety rules and restritions apply.

Yellow zone: in the last 14 days there were 6 - 12 new infections / 10 000 people.

Red zone: in the last 14 days there were more than 12 new infections / 10 000 people.


Now Poland is defined as a green zone until further notice. 


The most important general limitations / COVID-19 rules in Szczecin :

  • keeping 1,5 m distance between pedestrians
  • It is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose in such places as

    • in buses, trams and trains,
    • in shops, malls, banks, markets and post offices
    • in cinemas and theatres,
    • at physician’s offices, in outpatient clinics and hospitals, in massage and tattoo parlours
    • in churches, at schools and universities,
    • In government offices (when going there to take care of certain matters) and other civic centres.


For the full list of limitations and current updates please check the websites


Useful websites to monitor a general COVID-19 situation in Poland:


Coronavirus in West Pomerania (SANEPID - West Pomeranian Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection - website in Polish):