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Szczecin, the capital of the West Pomerania region, is one of the biggest cities in Poland, covering the area of 300 km2 with population of nearly 400 000 people. The town on the river Odra is located in northwest Poland, a few kilometres from the border with Germany and ca. 90 km from the Baltic Sea coast.

With its location ca. 140 km from Berlin and ca. 100 km from the ferry terminal in Świnoujście, Szczecin lies on the crossroads of routes linking east-west and north-south regions of Europe. The small distance from the coast has an influence on the marine character of the town, which attracts visitors with its wide boulevards, vast green areas, rare plants, unique architecture and interesting street layout.

Although its history started in 1243, the town has a young face of a student town with a specific cultural atmosphere. Sea Days, 8 Students’ Days, Kontrapunkt theatre festival, Szczecin Music Fest or Jazz Festival are just few of the annual events held here.

The town hosted the Finals of Tall Ship Races 2007, 2013 and 2017 and its going to host another final in 2021. It was also one of the candidates for the European Capital of Culture 2016. Szczecin sometimes called a green city has a total of more than 500 hectares of urban green areas including 15 parks, 90 lawns, cemeteries and urban forests. Szczecin largest Kasprowicza’s Park together with Jasne Błonia, Botanical Garden and Forest Park and Arkona Dendrological Gardens creates great green complex stretching from the city center to the Wkrzańska Forest. 



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