grading system

Grading system of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin

All learning outcomes defined in study program are subject to verification and evaluation. After every 15–week semester, students are required to complete the semester and pass all the examinations required by the curriculum. Students who fail an examination required in the given semester can re-take it twice.


At the University the following marking system is used:


5,0very goodoutstanding performance with only minor mistakesECTS grade: A
4,5better than goodabove the avarage, standard but with some errorECTS grade: B
4,0goodgenerally sound wor with a number of notable errorsECTS grade: C
3,5satisfactoryfair but with signifficant shortcomingsECTS grade: D
3,0sufficientperformance meets the minimum criteriaECTS grade: E
2,0failperformance does not meet the minimum criteriaECTS grade: FX/F